Henan marriage puts the wedding service market price

Yesterday, reporters learned from the wedding Association, and Henan province, will use two months carried out concentrated rectification of the wedding service market, Henan province, this is the first time the industry was reorganized.

journalists ' associations from the wedding was informed that, at present, wedding, Henan province, employing over 35,000 people, wedding service companies also extends to the wedding car rental, Photo Studio, wedding, makeup, dresses, and many other industries. Because it is a new industry, wedding service market in Henan province has many problems, wedding, said Association President Zhang Suying, 2009 complaint data indicate that 50% were related to wedding photo studio, 35% is the wedding company complaints, complaints were mostly unlicensed Black households, 15% were related to the wedding car, wedding, dress shop.

so, which is the wedding service market problems? Zhang Suying introduced said: industry access threshold lower, practitioners quality mixed, market Shang no card business, and personal, and underground business activities is rampant; wedding service fragmented, lack management and specification; not signed specification of service contract or casually drafted a appointment single or no stamped seal of white, service matters or content completely by oral agreed; some wedding service institutions or personal no license, no fixed of business residence, playing a gun for a place, makes consumers to prosecution, administrative law enforcement organ also inconvenience regulatory Industry does not have a system of service quality standards, resulting in service perfunctory, no market reference price is plain random cuts service is restricting the issue of wedding service market in Henan province.

in this regard, provincial wedding Association together with the provincial Federation of Henan province, provincial associations jointly issued a circular on rectifying wedding service market order notice, with a couple of months to rectify wedding service market in Henan province. Henan province, who engaged in wedding planning, wedding dress rental, wedding photography (like), conduct weddings, wedding car hire and wedding services-related activities are included in this centralized rectification.

wedding service market subject qualification is the reorganization of main content, Henan province will concentrated time and power, on wedding service market carried out once full check and classification Combs, established wedding service operators "economic account", established wedding service operators regulatory Taiwan account, on not has conditions of, ordered be change or cancellation, on no as business of, strongly be banned, on Super range business of, severe be combat. Henan province will actively promote the wedding service contract demonstration text, wedding photography (like), wedding arrangements, wedding cars and other major service projects have made provisions.

wedding Association, will also develop wedding service market price, for the information of consumers.