Zimbabwe 120 Wedding Star finds 20%-star

Tianjin City, the wedding ceremony of the celebration of the industry the quality of service standards implemented in March, becoming China's first wedding local standards. Reporter learned yesterday, at present, 120 wedding company in accordance with the standards by the star found that, with qualification upgrading wedding numbers from 10% to 60%.


Xinhua learned from the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, according to the standard operation area, registered capital, adverse conditions such as complaints, wedding company in this city for the first time from low to high is divided into three star, four star and five star, and host seven categories, with the makeup artist, wedding staff qualification requirements.


, President of the Municipal Association of wedding service industries introduced Pan Shuhui, this first month of standard practice, the city already has 120 star wedding company finds, which 50% wedding company is a three-star, 30% four star 20% for the five-star.