Wedding planning

Wedding planning focused on the wedding itself and the exhibition will focus on the layout of the scene, the wedding is greater than the room, a good wedding and the exhibition was for the wedding service, which is an element of the set in order to better express the wedding, as a movie set for expressing the theme of environment arrangement and the exhibition was to prepare for a wedding service. If a wedding venue rather than focus on the wedding itself, the result is to make more people pay attention to layout rather than the wedding itself feels. A good wedding should be both balanced and also taking into account the many other elements.
Creative wedding planning
Creative of wedding should is a small of party of concept, simple and rich personality, master and guests Zhijian has more of interactive, guests for new blessing, new also has gift send, while also can some site activities, to increased friends between of feelings Exchange; this on need has a guide of subject to put whole scenes series up, thus has many wedding creative company in among on played has such of a "crossed" of role.
Many of the newly married couple, they say, really wanted to do a creative wedding, but his run was in the process of passive, to listen to the opinions of others, to follow the many ritual customs, also taking into account economic conditions, leading to the final can only go "traditional route". Creative wedding type: Lawn wedding, Fireworks, a candlelight wedding weddings, yacht weddings, weddings on the water, bar wedding, masked Carnival wedding, church wedding ... ...   These are the popular "fashion wedding", again, this is also very romantic wedding, the bride and groom may not forget forever, forever immersed in the moment.
Lawn wedding, Fireworks, can be classified as outdoor weddings, wedding is more suitable for this type of wedding guests crowd is mostly young, due to the unlimited space, guests can walk everywhere, free exchange, the wedding atmosphere to make people feel relaxed without tension, and this type of wedding you can choose the form of buffets and than Chinese food.
Yacht wedding, water Shang wedding, bar wedding can classified Yu personalized wedding, this type wedding need new are is pursuit fashion, romantic unruly of style, on wedding of innovation degree accept degrees high, combined new itself fantasy in the of ideal wedding, by Planning Division analysis its implementation sex and reached a perfect of tie, this type of married banquet also can selection buffet form, or Western form more better.
Bar wedding, masked Carnival wedding, this type of marriage for love communication new people, if you have a group of friends with the same interests, may wish to hold such a small wedding in the evening, release your pressure on life.
Candle wedding, church wedding, can be classified in the stately, romantic wedding, suitable for quiet low key new people, imagine in a candle-lit environments, under the relatives left waiting on the sidelines, couple to complete the sacred marriage ceremony, enjoying the gift of God and a witness, make people the meaning of marriage.