Environmental low-carbon wedding fashion is rampant

Environmental low-carbon wedding fashion is rampant 

Step1: select

environmental Keywords: environmental, the rapid spread of environmentally friendly fashion reading: selecting environmentally friendly wedding, returning without the natural qualities of being pretentious, penetrates everywhere in the wedding details, and make guests feel right at home, that they start from the wedding.

romantic lawn

love nature people tend to have a soft spot for green, lined with blue sky and white clouds, Spring Green, breathing the fresh air. We can choose the venue – suburb of organic farms, resorts, if your villa back garden area is large enough, it is also a good choice. We also do select outdoor garden wedding at the same time: eliminates the room lighting and air conditioning energy consumption and pollution.

exquisite wedding invitations

lovely color kraft paper, with elegant lace, then to guests ' wishes, the calendar year printed on the back, such a romantic and practical absolute collectible handmade invitations.

romantic carriage

imagine Prince driving a wagon to his beloved bride, romantic gestures you can achieve, and replace the huge wedding with vintage carriage fleet, not only romantic to the extreme, maximum free of emissions, and protect the environment.

Step2: implementation

environmental Keywords: pure natural green fashion reading: everyone seemed to create a San Diego dinner, carefree atmosphere. Nature's breath rushing, with flowers and grass, irrespective of gender and age, all the guests are immersed in the beautiful exotic green wedding.

natural buffet

all food materials are the basic selection of natural organic ingredients, allow guests to experience the original healthy delicious, moved right back. Need to add is, compared to conventional Banquet, costs may be increased.

health drinks

wedding scene a few more fresh juice instead of alcoholic beverages. Other minor articles in the selection of beverage containers, glass, beverage bright colors, to minimize the use of disposable tableware.

free roses

book free roses, the roses are edible, and you can safely use the petals embellish on the cakes and sweets.   Table you can also choose to put unique vases filled with dried flowers, increase rural atmosphere, you can also reduce the use of fresh flowers. Cotton-oriented selection of tablecloths.

table card by collections of sachets

originally on the table at the paper and the place card, printed with the wedding only simple numbers and names, no use after use, then abandoned. Just put a little thought into, to ordinary pieces of paper folded into a sachet, add fragrance of dried flowers, both to avoid the waste of paper, highlighting the couple's ingenious ideas, green turned out to be so simple.  

Step3: environmental protection

environmental Keywords: interpretation of sustainable development environmental protection fashion: the life is full of simple pleasures, a simple but not simple, environmentally friendly and fashionable wedding is over, happy life should continue, lovely couple themselves full of happiness to share with guests.

sweet shopping bag

cotton, raw, without any dyed canvas shopping bags, printed on small LOGO  or photographs of the bride and groom, gifts wedding guests, is environmentally friendly and practical and meaningful.

creative confectionery

made of cotton quality cloth change bags, filled with cute candy and chocolates, packaged candy tray material savings, is full of ideas. Or Pack with cute keys instead of candy boxes, both special and environmental protection.

honeymoon travel

today, a large number of tourist attractions are available for new people as the choice of honeymoon. Eco-friendly couple in select destinations, may try to pick as environmental protection cities, honeymoon period of life to reduce the waste of nature. Honeymoon or simply using the time to volunteer in Africa, experience different life.