Make warm winter wedding theme wedding planning

Make warm winter wedding theme wedding planning 

One, not an outdoor wedding ceremony:

Tips: choose a hill, water or wood background wedding venue and Ballroom with floor to ceiling glass Windows on both sides of the field, so the couple and guests feel like being in the romantic world of white.

How to choose winter wedding venues:

1. the winter temperature is lower, the ballrooms of selected sites to consider when warm, so you can wear elegant dresses.

2. the Office of the Commission is not in a ratio of 1.2 times times the number of guests.

3. the banquet hall lighting, decoration, decorated in warm tones.

4. have a private lounge and warm rooms as the bride.

5. to confirm wedding venues around the road, should not choose inaccessible sites over very bad roads.

ER, can't wear sexy tube top dress:


1. winter warmth and beauty of the bride both possibilities are not too big, in the cold winter-wear a tube top dress and become a sexy bride, best way is coupled with a outside wedding with the color of the fur shawl.

2. winter-stomacher dress comfortable, thick texture is a good choice, strong insulation fabrics, such as velvet, corduroy fabrics are good winter choice.

3. the dress color in winter, choose warm colors or fabrics with glitter effect.

4. it is important to note, select a pair of elbow's mittens will keep you stylish and warm.

winter dress how to shop:

1. winter wedding dresses with a thick, so try to carry arms to try yarn, bend, move, determine whether the wedding is appropriate.

2. winter proper Crown with larger and more complex blending accessories, you can highlight the bride is gorgeous and full of the overall effect.

3. hand selected, try matching fur trim or jewel-encrusted handbags with aristocratic temperament.

4. the veil preferably choose a lace or embroidery, single-layer simple wedding dress will not match the overall shape.

5. the wedding day should not wear light shoes, stiletto high boots would be good choice in winter.  

third, how to determine the wedding style:


1. pure winter wedding with white, blue, ice cold colors such as green, and various props decorated with the simplicity of design-oriented; warm winter wedding to strong colors, with a focus on color light mixed and layered. Props and decorations to highlight luxury.

2. thick bright red and gold wedding is the best partner, dark chocolate cake is a good choice.

How to mix winter wedding style:

1. winter wedding, regardless of what kind of style, candles are indispensable, it is enough to warm the whole wedding.

2. wedding venue is full of large and small snowflake decoration will make your wedding seem more pure, lovely, romantic.

3. If the weather allows, the greeting make a cute snowman, or place a snowman toy, is a good way to welcome.

four, winter wedding, the flowers are expensive:


1. winter flowers can highlight unique charm in winter, you can select plants such as pine, FIR, etc.

2. winter wedding roses, lilies and other flowers with its easy to save, vivid and bright colors are popular.

3. use a winter wedding candles and flowers matched with the table and create a romantic atmosphere and joy, is also a good way.

4. White candle with red berries or red winter wedding candles with the Green Cypress branches is highly innovative approaches.

flowers in winter fashion trend:

1. color, traditional winter colors red, green and white, is still popular.

2. flower selection, strong is a good choice flowers, such as roses, orchids, Holly and so on.

3. the waterfall bouquet style of bouquets started to sought after by new, very artistic.

4. Crystal jewelry more and more used in bridal bouquets, especially on the bouquet pattern.

five elements, using the winter dress wedding:


1. winter wedding, overall layout in order to highlight the joy of the wedding, the winter supplemented by decorative elements, the new retro luxury red color used in the bridal, and small accessories can choose pure white.

2. wedding car decorated with white feathers to highlight the charm of winter.

3. road sign or signs on the right choice of Santa or snowman to show atmosphere.

4. return the stick a few tags or ornaments in the shape of snowflakes, will let guests eyes light up.

suitable for winter wedding supplies

1. a dotted string light definitely brings to the wedding finery and warm effect.

2. the snow machines and bubble machine is Interior to create winter romantic essentials.

3. designed for winter wedding snowflake, feathers, Christmas trees and other elements, increase romance.

4. styling beautiful greeting cards, trimmed with fur winter wedding ring pillow reflects characteristics of aristocratic was also added for the wedding.

5. the winter cold with warm tones to soft, candle candlelight is the best interpretation of warmth.